Our Most Holy Mother of God

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Prayers to Our Most Holy Theotokos

O Queen of Heaven.
For you carried the Creator in your arms as a Child.
O All-Revered Virgin, through whom my Redeemer, Christ the Lord, hath appeared.
O Theotokos, we feel we are safe and sound when we rely on you.
Let us honour and magnify in hymns the Theotokos and Mother of the Light.
Establish your servants who extol you, O Mother of God.
All Holy Queen and Lady, we beseech you to entreat our Redeemer born of you.
From my heart I cry out to you: “Theotokos, help me I Pray”.
For through you has the Fashioner deigned to hold converse with us.
Thou do now accept also this my small Hymn.
Sharing the lot of the Blessed.
The streams of my many tears, reject not, Holy Virgin.
Grant me the correction of my life and repentance.
Saved through thee, all generations of men now call thee Blessed.
Enkindle thy darkened lamp and with oil make it radiant.
Lady receive the supplications of your servants.
Elevate, I Pray, my intellect and my heart, to the Love of Him.
That with faith I may ever call thee Blessed.
O Pure One, number me among the sheep at thy Son’s right hand.
Words shall I now pour forth unto the Mother and Queen.
Rejoice O Protection of our Souls.
Wherefore I cry out to you with the groans of my burdened heart.
For He made your womb a Throne for Himself.