Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother Mary

Through our Panagia we see God face to face.
The Church is the extension and the continuation of Christ’s Ministry when He was here on Earth.
At that moment, every single sin committed by humanity was forgiven.
They knew that since she was the Mother of God, she was the Mother of all Christians.
God’s only way to unite Himself with His creation was to come down and become one with His creation.
The Word of God is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.
Nothing can bring us down, because with us we have Our Mighty Defender and His Holy Mother.
He is with us every step of the way.
The Light of Christ is the Light which banishes all darkness which is within us.
We run to her and we ask for her Motherly love and embrace.
Another transformation of something which is of this world into something which is Heavenly and Divine.
Hold on to her tightly.
Every single person is precious in His eyes.
Christ and His Blessed Mother would constantly come and be a comfort to them.


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