Life – videos from before August 2021

We are in this together.
You will see that He will reassure your Heart, your Mind and your Soul.
Look at our strengths and how we can strengthen the Virtues God has given us.
Hold on to Christ, brothers and sisters.
All of these things become the Foundation of Our Life in Christ.
Become Holy, as your Father is Holy.
When you feel like you are deprived of everything else, I come to you.
When you see your neighbour, you are looking at an Image of God.
It is through the times of trial and testing that Christians have always shined.
Our own personal Angel which was given to us at Baptism.
When our actions are Holy, they come from the Source of Holiness.
How empty we are without Him.
Be merciful as your Father in Heaven is merciful.
That calling is for each and every one of us in our own way.
When we learn to use the Forgiveness that Christ has given us on the Cross, then we have gained a brother and a sister.

Slowly slowly, through your Persistence and Prayer, you are being cleansed by the Grace of God.
Imagine what my Faith, and your Faith and everyone’s Faith put together can do!
The Word of God is a plank amongst the storms.
He says, you make the steps and I will be with you all the way.
God is saying become Holy with what you have.
The direction we want to go is the path that leads us to Christ.
To be a Human means that we were created to become Saints.
God knows we have the ability and the strength within us.
I want to reassure you that there are ways where we can overcome that.
When we come to the Divine Liturgy, Heaven and Earth meet.
I Pray that you continue to persist.
So that our Faith can be a light that will shine to those in darkness.
Through the Will and the Power of God.
So that we can face any type of difficulty through the Power, Grace and Strength of God.
Blessed are those who are Pure in Heart, for they shall see God.
This is God’s Love for us . . .
We are supposed to become the open Gospel.
When we cultivate the Likeness of God within us, then we attract the Grace of the Holy Spirit.
The Church is the Source of Life.
The Holy Spirit fills our Hearts and brings us closer and closer to God.
We want our Faith to be alive!
Fasting is leaving aside our will so we can put the Will of God before us.
Make sure, that when we are carrying that Cross, Christ is there with us carrying it.
We don’t realise how much we actually have to gain.
Spend time doing things that will benefit our Minds and our Souls.
We, as Christians, should differ from the secular world.
Sometimes, just because something is passed legally, it doesn’t make it correct.
His Grace usually comes when someone is struggling.
The Meaning of this life is to Know God.
So the Faith that you grow may become a Confession to all.
So that we are assured that we are walking the path towards Salvation.
Think like a Christian.
Christ wants to come to each and every one of us.
Placing ourselves in the Hands of God.
We begin to accept the Logic of the Mind that comes from the Knowledge of God.
To put on the Armor of Light is to be united with Christ.
Through the Prayers of our Holy Fathers . . .
So we can enjoy everything in His Creation.
The Gifts and the Virtues that have been given to us become Vessels of the Holy Spirit . . .
Violence against the enemy.
Those who have lived this life in Unity with God, and in Unity and Love with others.
Take on the Spiritual Perspective, and share it with God.
Love without sacrifice does not exist.