Christ and His Mother Mary

Nothing can bring us down, because with us we have Our Mighty Defender and His Holy Mother.
He is with us every step of the way.
We run to her and we ask for her Motherly love and embrace.
Hold on to her tightly.
Every single person is precious in His eyes.
We have a Heavenly Father and we have a Heavenly Mother.
She put the Divine Will before her own.
If we make one step towards Christ, then He makes ten steps towards us.
The Mother of God is the Mother of Light.
Christ has come to give us the answers to everything that we need.
The Cross becomes our key to open up the Kingdom of Heaven.
What greater person to have as an example than the Mother of God herself.
Our Orthodox Faith is a continuation from the Preaching and the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Possible only through God.
When we celebrate Great Feast Days, the celebration goes for eight days.
We also have a Heavenly Mother.
Christ says, Come Follow Me.
She unites Heaven and Earth.
God has His ways always to turn negatives into positives.
I pray that we are able to truly run to her as one who is so ready to give us her love and her Motherly warmth.
This event took place when He was going to begin to preach the Word and Truth to the World.