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“Glory to God for All Things!”

Saint John Chrysostom


Our Trinitarian God

Our Most Blessed Lady the Mother of God




O death, where is thy sting?

The Will of God

I am a Christian





Raising Children



Prayer is an Embrace of the Lord

The Jesus Prayer

Pray always

Praying for Others

Struggling to Pray

Reading the Holy Scriptures


Struggling against the Passions

Get up immediately after a fall





Enduring Sickness

Strength in Christ during difficulties



The Orthodox Church

The Holy Eucharist

The Divine Liturgy

Holy Baptism

My Spiritual Father


God’s Love for Us

We are One in Christ

Never Condemn Each Other

Forgive one another

Be Holy, for I am Holy

Thank you, my God






“Someone said to me today ‘Father, I don’t know how long I can hold on for… I’m falling and I can’t hold on…’ A very common feeling we all have… The answer is very simple. Look at the Icon of the Resurrection, look at how Christ is holding on to Adam and Eve. He holds them not by the hand, but by their wrist. We don’t hold on, Christ holds on to us, so that we can’t fall away, even though we feel our strength is failing us, Christ is the One Who pulls us and lifts us back up, all we need to do is stretch out our arms to Him and He will lift us up from the depths of despair and darkness. Christ is Risen!” – Fr Demos