Holy Guardian Angel

Psalm 91: 11

For He shall give His Angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.

About Our Guardian Angel: The Angel of every faithful man leads him to every good deed…


Our Guardian Angel is part of the Heavenly Bodiless Powers, which include the Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim and all the other Angels in Heaven.


Canon to Our Guardian Angel

Prayer: Holy Angel, attendant of my wretched Soul and my afflicted life, do not desert me a sinner, nor depart from me because of my weakness. Give no place to the evil demon to rule me by dominating this mortal body. Take my wretched and feeble hand and lead me in the way of Salvation. Yes, Holy Angel of God, Guardian and Protector of my wretched Soul and body, forgive me for every grief I have caused you all the days of my life, and if I have sinned in anything this day. Protect me during the present night and preserve me from every attack of the enemy, so that I may not anger God through any sin. And intercede for me to the Lord so that He may strengthen me in his fear, and make me a worthy servant of His Goodness. Amen.


We each have our very own Guardian Angel, given to us by God at our Baptism. This Guardian Angel always remains with us our whole life as the protector of our body and Soul, and encourages us in living a Holy life. When we Pray, our Guardian Angel is right there next to us Praying together with us. When we go to the Sacrament of Holy Confession, our Guardian Angel is a witness to God’s forgiveness of our sins. Also, at the time of our repose, our Guardian Angel will accompany us and will render an account of our good deeds before God, and fight away evil. Every Nation and also every consecrated Church also has its own Guardian Angel.