Chants (2)

The radiance of your life O Nicholas is indeed brighter than any gold.
You have given us the miracles of Your Holy Martyrs as an impregnable fortress.
O marvellous wonder, even after her death, she championed what the Fathers rightly decreed.
All Holy Queen and Lady, we beseech you to entreat our Redeemer born of you.
We give thanks to You for Your great Glory.
Having escaped the fog of sin and having illumined thy heart with the light of penitence…
By Your Word O Word of God, Lazarus now leaps out of death.
Make this raiment of my Soul brightly shine, O Giver of Light, and save me.
O Raphael Wondrous Martyr.
For indeed you were seen to be Blessing with the Sign of the Holy Cross.


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