Chants (1)

Lord, You have been our Refuge from generation to generation.
Let my Prayer reach up to You, lend Your ear to my plea O Lord.
You Ascended in Glory O Christ our God.
From my heart I cry out to you: “Theotokos, help me I Pray”.
Blessed are You, O Christ our God, Who made fisherman all-wise, by sending down upon them the Holy Spirit, and through them, drawing all the world into Your net. O Loving One, Glory be to You.
With longing we honour you, although we have not the means of extolling you worthily.
Keep us in Your Holiness.
When I ponder Markella’s battles and bouts, then my mind stops in utter astonishment.
Mary Magdalene, today with faith we extol you, O Most Blessed Saint.
For us you mothered the Pure Mother of God.


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