The Philoptohos Society

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The Philoptohos Society

The Philoptohos Society (Φιλόπτωχος Αδελφότητα) of St. Paraskevi Parish and Community is a body of practising Orthodox Christian women who are dedicated to offering service and assistance to our less fortunate sisters and brothers, and to supporting the manifold work of the Church in general.

The aim and purpose of our Philoptohos Society is philanthropy — which literally means "friend of mankind" — that is, to provide assistance to low income families and individuals, to the sick, widows and orphans, to secure admission to hospitals for the sick and suitable homes for the aged, to find shelter and work for the homeless and unemployed, to protect the infants, to baptise children of poor families, to care for those in prison, to give burial service to the poor, and to promote, in every possible way, the development of compassion, assistance and understanding towards those who suffer and the practice of charity among the parish and community.

We encourage all women of our Parish and Community to join the ladies' Philoptohos Society, therefore giving themselves the opportunity to be involved in this important ministry of our Church.

Members of the Philoptohos Society:

  1. President: Rev. Fr Synesios Frangos
  2. Vice President: Mrs Traiani Papoulkas
  3. Treasurer: Mrs Eleftheria Dimitriou
  4. Bookstore: Mrs Anna Gargas
  5. Rev. Fr Demosthenes Nicolaou
  6. Mrs Taxiarhoula Tsevgadellis
  7. Mrs Irene Sarris
  8. Mrs Irene Spyropoulos
  9. Mrs Jenny Kantler
  10. Mrs Anastasia
  11. Mrs Chrysanthy Mylonas
  12. Mrs Maria Portoglou

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