Children's Bible Study Group

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St Ignatius of Antioch Children's Bible Study Group

Our parish now runs a new program for our Church aimed specifically for the children of our parish.

The program provides various religious activities such as learning Christian songs, Church hymns and prayers, as well as establishing meaningful friendships within the parish with children of similar ages.

Our children meet every Thursday evening from 6 pm with Father Demos, who spends around 30 minutes discussing different aspects about our Orthodox faith and any topics which the children wish to discuss. The children then spend the next 30 minutes with Irene, who teaches the children various chants of our faith. The children have had the opportunity of chanting at the front of the church on many Sunday mornings and have done a wonderful job of chanting hymns such as Christ is Risen and the apolytikion to our patron saint, Saint Paraskevi.

We encourage you all to bring your children (preferred age group 5 and up) to share in this wonderful experience and grow closer in their relationships within the church, with the parish priest and most importantly with God.

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